Book Review | Little White Lies by Elizabeth McGregor

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

“Any other year, summer arrived with the swallows. But this year, the broken body of a bird, left on the porch, serves as an omen of deception, a shadow cast over the days to come…

Beth March’s life seems unexceptional: she and her husband, David, have a conventional, quiet marriage.

The opening morning of the nightmare seems like just another day, aside from the unexpected body of the bird…but while Beth showers and prepares for the day, David drives his car at full speed into the path of a lorry. He is killed instantly.

From the moment that Beth learns of his fate, her world begins to shatter around her. Nothing in her life can ever be the same again.

No one can be trusted. No one is telling her the truth.

Was David having an affair?

Why did he go behind her back to sell his shares and take out another mortgage — and where is that money now?

What dark secrets lie beneath the picture-perfect image of the family down the lane?

As she unravels the chain of tragic events that preceded her husband’s death, Beth finds herself tossed from side to side on a sea of continually shifting information, never sure what is true and what is not.

What seem like little white lies gradually begin to build and build until Beth truly begins to realise the horror of devastating betrayal experienced by everyone involved…”

Review contains spoilers

I’m so disappointed in this book. It started off really strong for me and I really thought that I was going to love it. If fact, I did until around 80% through the book. The mystery surrounding David’s death got me hooked. This alongside the seemingly unreliable viewpoints from both Beth and Julia added to the suspense.

But then the mystery unravelled. I’m so tired of seeing mental illness being used as either a plot twist or an excuse to commit unforgiven things. Maybe I am biased as a sufferer but honestly, mental health has enough stigma without having novels written about people committing murder and killing people’s pets.

That being said, the book was written well and I did enjoy the author’s writing style. It flowed well and was engaging. Despite this book not being for me, I will be looking out for more from Miss McGregor.

Overall 2/5*


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