Book Review | Touch No One by Joseph Hirsch

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

“Body Modification is nothing new in Schengen City. Even Detective John Moglich has a cybered arm, on account of being shot by a punk with an auto-shotgun back when he was a cop. Naturally, when Detective Moglich is given a hefty sum to investigate the attempted murder of a woman with more than her fair share of mods, he doesn’t hesitate.

As he gets deeper into the investigation, things get weirder. He discovers a fetish subculture centering on the worship of the female breast, and the conversion of its milk into a pain-soothing drug. The milk may be poisoned though, since those who drink it are dying in strange ways. Even worse is the discovery that those who taste the breastmilk are also found to be carrying an ugly parasite in their blood. The bloodsucker is half-monster, half-machine, and Detective Moglich must find its creator before it’s too late.”

DNF’d at 28%

Anyone who knows me knows I am a thriller nut and as this book was marketed as a thriller, I assume that is why I requested it. However, now I have reread the synopsis, I don’t know why I ever requested this title. It is not something that usually interests me and it just sounds weird.

It was weird, but that is not where my problems lie. I was first concerned when Hirsch used the term ‘daddy issues’ in the first few pages. I hate this term because it is making light of potential mental health issues caused by bad parenting. A few pages later, he uses the term ‘spastic’. I don’t think I need to go any further on that one.

I carried on, hoping that they were just a bad choice of terminology but I was wrong to be optimistic.

When we come across the attempted murder victim, our protagonist asks “She’s been strangled. Do you know anything about her sex life?”. Maybe I am wrong, but when you discover a woman who has been beaten and strangled to the point of near death, that should not be your initial thought. He then goes on to think “If…. she said ‘drink soothing opium from my nipple’, why wouldn’t he be tempted to oblige?”. I am not for any victim shaming.

Throw in some stupid phrases like ‘higher than a giraffe’s vagina’ and you’re basically caught up to speed. I just couldn’t take any more of the transphobia, making fun of mental illnesses, racism and definitely no more of the sexism. I cannot believe there are so many good reviews.


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