Book Review | Size Zero by AC Moyer

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

“Condom dresses, space helmets, and vegetable coats have debuted on fashion runways—now a dead body is the trend.

Filleted and stitched into a gruesome skin coat, a corpse worn by an anorexic model saunters down fashion’s biggest stage. The remains are identified as Annabelle Leigh, the teenager who mysteriously disappeared over a decade ago from her boyfriend’s New York City mansion.

After years of seeking the truth, new evidence puts golden boy Cecil LeClaire at the center of the crime. He teams up with Ava Germaine, a beautiful and badass ex-con with a knack for breaking codes. Together they investigate the depraved and lawless modeling industry behind Cecil’s family fortune.

Model agencies promise the American Dream, but what secrets hide behind those emaciated scowls?

In high fashion modeling, selling bodies is organized crime. ”

I initally requested this novel as it was about an ‘anorexic model’ and as someone who struggles with this eating disorder I thought it would be an interesting read as I have not seen a mystery involving this issue

The mental health representation in this book is awful. First of all, the model does not have anorexia. The models are thin and are being starved by their agents. They are not suffering from an eating disorder. Being a size zero and having anorexia ARE NOT THE SAME THING.
The author clearly has not done any research into the illnesses she is writing about. At one point a character says ‘so you have schizophrenia?’ when what she actually meant was multiple personality disorder/ DID. It does not take a lot to Google the illness you want to use. Within 30 seconds, you will realise they are two completely different conditions. If you must use mental illness as an adjective (which is so wrong in itself) at least get the right one. It is honestly infuriating.

I hated pretty much all of the characters and didn’t really care about what was happening to them. The constant references to designers and their lavish lifestyle just annoyed me more.

In terms of plot, this was very predictable. I’ve read a few reviews commenting on the ending, and I’m sat here thinking ‘how did you not see it coming?’. I worked out the plot twist very early on. Size Zero has probably been the worst mystery I have read this year.

The writing isn’t bad but the author uses a lot of crash language which I think many readers will feel uncomfortable reading. At times I’ve found myself caught off guard and I am someone who isn’t usually bothered by such things.

I have noticed the publication has been pushed back to 2018 so hopefully some changes will be made.



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